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Christmas in the Trees Black Walnut Red Glass Canister

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Transport yourself to a winter wonderland with our Christmas in the Trees Black Walnut Red Glass Vase. Featuring a laser engraved 1.5 mm black walnut wood veneer and a beautifully hand-crafted zebrawood lid, this 4.5" red glass vase will add a touch of luxury to any holiday decor. It's one of kind guaranteed!

Each piece of of black walnut is meticulously cut with laser precision. The red vase is reclaimed from our local market, sanitized, and buffed to bring out its deep red color. The lid is handcrafted from Zebrawood, deep engraved, and finished in lacquer. 

Like most of our products we use canvases that are "reclaimed", add a touch of hootzeez CustomZ, and create something uniquely one of a kind! 

This is custom veneered glass that will require diligence with care. It cannot get wet, be put in damp locations or any other conditions that have potential to be harmful to fine wood pieces.