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Small white pumpkin with a skull engraved/carved into it with laser, outside with trees in the background

Hey Punkin!

Happy Monday y'all! We are nearing Halloween and getting deeper into cold season as the days go on. If there is one thing about this crazy family it is that we are creatives. Always driven by the question "what if we could!? and 9/10 as long as it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to pursue our hypothesis out, then we are 100% going to do it. Well ladies and gentlemen, this is a result of that! One night we decided to take and get like 3-4 mini pumpkins and see what we could do and if it would even work. I mean it makes sense right!? Part of this whole creative business thing is experimentation! Fall = pumpkins. We have a laser engraver. I guess what I'm trying to say is fall+pumpkin+laser = can you successfully carve a pumpkinn with a laser!? YES! and now, as per usual the question of "just how f*ck!ng big can we go with this?" came about......currently working on carving the biggest pumpkin we could possibly find at our local grocery store to see just how far we can push it:) Until then, here is our first victim. What do we think!?
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